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While expert care of any injury or condition that affects your musculoskeletal system is key, the work you do to rehabilitate the damage is paramount. At OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Dr. G. Jason Hunt and his team offer full rehabilitation services to patients in Tampa, Florida, allowing them to get back to healthy, active lives more quickly. To explore the rehabilitation services at OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, call or use the online scheduler to set up a consultation.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of healing after you’ve incurred damage to your musculoskeletal system, whether through injury, disease, or surgery. Rehabilitation is extraordinarily important in how well you’re able to move forward from any bone or tissue damage as it’s designed for both short- and long-term success.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to rehabilitation since it depends upon the nature, location, and severity of the damage. In most cases, rehabilitation includes:

  • Rest
  • Occupational therapy for function
  • Physical therapy to regain strength and flexibility

At OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Dr. Hunt and his team offer the latest practices and equipment that promote healing, which includes NeuFit electric stimulation technology. NeuFit delivers signals to your nervous system to help with:

  • Functionality
  • Pain
  • Muscle strength
  • Healing

Aside from NeuFit, the team offers physical and occupational therapy services that help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Why would I need rehabilitation?

There are any number of reasons why you may benefit from the rehabilitation services at OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. For example, if you’ve had joint replacement surgery, rehabilitation helps you to learn how to use your new joint more effectively.

As another example, if you’ve injured yourself playing sports, the goal of your rehabilitation is to strengthen your injured area to prevent reinjury.

In other words, your rehabilitation is unique to your circumstances. Rest assured, the team of rehab specialists at OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation always considers your quality of life as the top priority.

How long does rehabilitation take?

Here, again, there’s no single answer to this question. If you’re rehabbing from a minor sprain, it may take only a week or two. For more involved injuries, such as a rotator cuff or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, you may need months of rehab.

The length of your rehabilitation also depends upon your complete participation. Often, the team supplies you with at-home exercises that go a long way toward your speedy recovery. The team also monitors you closely to ensure that you’re not pushing too hard, which can lead to re-injury and even longer rehabilitation.

For experienced and innovative rehabilitation services, call OrthoLinks Orthopedics and Rehabilitation or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.