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I met Ricky Sailor, the founder of Unsigned Preps in 2014 shortly after I arrived in the Tampa Bay Area.  From the first day we met, I was amazed by his passion.  I can't possibly say in this small area how many lives he has touched in the Tampa Bay Area. 

I am proud to stand behind Ricky and his team at Unsigned Preps.  Follow them on social media.  Check out their website.  If you are looking for a non-profit to support, I can tell you without reservation support them. 

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I met Katina Lowery when I followed Ricky Sailor and some of the Unsigned Preps athletes to the Tampa Salvation Army to serve food to the homeless.  I don't think we talked more than a quick introduction that day.  But I watched her at work that day.  I was taken back by her love for the folks we were serving.  I didn't know her story, but I knew she was a special person.  

Click here to see her story.  Every month she can be found at the Salvation Army serving others.  Follow them on social media, help them help others!

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