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Not Just Another Orthopedic Surgery Practice

Welcome to OrthoLinks Orthopedic Surgery. This is the orthopedic surgery practice of Dr. Jason Hunt. Dr. Hunt has been providing orthopedic surgery services in the Tampa Bay area since 2014. 

We are excited to continue to provide superior orthopedic surgery care to our patients and offer a great place for new patients to receive care. The Tampa Bay area is a great place for patients to find exceptional orthopedic care. What makes us different, in fact what defines us, is our simple organizational mission. "Serve Patients". It sounds simple, but it's the highest standard that any business or person can achieve. It is rooted in Jesus' command to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. We strive to honor God by serving you. 



G. Jason Hunt, D.O.
A native Kentuckian, Dr. Hunt attended undergrad and medical school in his hometown of Pikeville, KY. He then moved to Oklahoma City, OK for residency training in orthopedic surgery at Saint Anthony/Bone & Joint Hospital. Dr. Hunt treats a broad range of patients from pediatric patients with fractures to elderly patients with degenerative disorders. He also has experience and expertise in treating athletes at all levels.


The marriage of orthopedics and golf...

The universal orthopedic symbol is a crooked tree that is stabilized with rope around a pole. Our logo incorporates the golfer into the tree. Like the pole straightens the tree as it grows, we are "fixing" golfers and getting them back to the game they love.

We are creating unique environments like a golf specific therapy program, elite golf training, and medical tourism for golfers. We are the best place for a golfer to receive orthopedic care.

We have combined 3 notable technologies that you can't get anywhere else in the country at one spot. NeuFit, DARI, and Trackman. The combination allows us to find dysfunction in the body, teat the dysfunctional area and show immediate results on the Trackman.

Neufit also allows for treatment of acute and chronic injuries that will keep you on the course!

Check out Jonathan's experience on the Neubie machine.


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