OrthoLinks Orthopedics: The definitive source for Golf Performance and Injured Golfers (DARI motion)

What is DARI Motion Analysis?
A key tool that we use at OrthoLinks Orthopedics to evaluate a golfer. Over the course of our customized assessment, we are able to identify areas most subject to injury and asymetries that exist. We evaluate thoracic and lumbar spine range of motion, shoulder range of motion, balance and overall stability throughout the golf swing. Once the report is generated, OrthoLinks professionals then work with each golfer to put together an individualized program for improving their range of motion, increasing thoracic rotation, and creating symmetry. 
Why OrthoLinks?
Established in 2017, OrthoLinks Orthopedics has become the definitive resource for injuried golfers to return to play safer and faster.  We are also the most advanced center to push the boundaries of golf performance .  Professional golfers have traveled from all across the country to visit OrthoLinks.  We have also taken care of hundreds of amateur golfers who are injured or serious about improving their game. 
Advanced Technology and Analysis Made Affordable
We have different tiers and packages that are affordable for even casual golfers.  There are marketing packages available to mini-tour, PGALA, MacKenzie, Forme, Korn Ferry, PGA Champions, and PGA tour golfers. 
Call to schedule consultation 813-336-5237 or email Dr Hunt directly: drhunt@ortholinks.org
G. Jason Hunt, DO

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